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“I highly, highly recommend
On-Site Wood Repair. Saul's attention to detail and quality customer service is what separates him from other competitors in his field. Our experience with On-Site Wood Repair was an A+. I am very grateful for his time, talents and dedication to his work.”

-Gloria Kontoulas 
Holy Trinity Church

Wood Repair, Refinishing, Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

On-Site Wood Repair specializes in wood and furniture repair and restoration making damaged furniture and woodwork look like new since 2003.

A lot goes on in your office, and normal wear and tear occurs. Scratched, dented, and ignored furniture gives a bad impression and destroys a positive appearance. That’s where we come in. From doors, tables, and cabinetry, to conference room and elevator paneling, On-Site Wood Repair restores your office and furniture to its original appearance. Why replace what you can have fixed at a fraction of the cost?

We offer professional execution and dramatic results for keeping your wood, furniture and leather in your office or home looking immaculate.

Wooden Door Restoration
  Conference Room Table Wood Repair
  Leather Chair Cleaning 
 Wood Repair & Restoration    Furniture Repair & Refinishing    Leather Cleaning
We offer scratch and dent repairs for doors, elevators, paneling, mantels, banisters, millwork, trim, and cabinetry. Keep these large investment pieces looking cared for and new. Add life to a commercial building or custom home.    Anything made from wood is subject to scratches, dents and dings. Lobby furniture, desks, and conference tables need to be regularly maintained to keep them looking professional and polished.    Keep your space refreshed and sparkling by keeping your leather furniture clean and maintained. A clean environment speaks volumes for the people who own it.